Aessoa Deep Lidocaine is based on a high concentration of single-phase, cross-linked hyaluronic acid. Aessoa Deep is perfect for smoothing deep wrinkles in the facial area. The filler can be used for lines in the nose area such as nose and forehead contours, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and nasolabial folds. The hyaluronic acid filler can also be used to add volume and contour to the lips.

Treatment areas

• Glabellar wrinkles
• Lip area
• Marionette wrinkles
• Nasolabial folds
• Forehead area

The composition of the product:

• HA concentration: 24mg/ml
• Syringe Volume: 1.0mL
• Lidocaine: 0.3%

Injection Depth: Mid dermis

Complex Viscosity: 200-300pa

Duration: 12 Months

The pack consists of:

1 x 1,0ml syringe

AESSOA is premium innovative monophasic cross-linked injectable dermal filler that contains 24mg HA concentration with lidocaine and provides the safest and the most proven result.