F&B Premium V-Line

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❖ Simple way to make a smooth and sleek facial line.

❖ Clinically tested and approved by numerous dermatologists and plastic surgeons across Seoul city including Gangnam area.

❖ It removes and restrains excess of fat. (e.g. removal excess of fat after fat transplantation on face)

❖ It helps excrete waste matter from the body by stimulating peripheral blood vessel and lymphatic glands.

❖ Effective to reduce and lift up area around such as nose, cheeks, marionette lines and double chin.

❖ Effectively reduces 2~3mm of fat at one use.

❖ Remarkable change within 1~2 weeks with only 2~3 treatments – without a surgery.

❖ It only takes 5 minutes for one treatment leaving almost no swelling or bruises.