Hyaldew MDM 1.0ml (short date!!!!!)

HyalDew presents a series of hyaluronic-acid- (HA)-based fillers from the South Korean company BioPlus Co., Ltd. A unique 3-staged HA cross-linking technology is used for manufacture of HyalDew products, which allows regulating HA cross-linking rate and gel viscosity.

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  • MDM patented technology (MBMT + DMCT + MDAP)
    • MBMT (Micro Bead Monophasic Technology)
      • Enable the world’s largest Viscoelasticity by microbeading of the HA (Hyaluronic Acid) and maintaining Monophasic properties.
    • DMCT (Divinyl sulfone Multi-Crosslink Technology)
      • Multi-crosslinking of HA (Hyaluronic Acid) with DVS crosslinking agent.   A technology to implement complete crosslinking.
    • MDAP (Multiple Degree Amphiphilic Purification)
      • Technology that improves safety and produces the highest  purity products by refining crosslinked microbeads in multiple times.
  • Long lasting
  • Molding ability : Strong
  • Final type : Monophasic (Gel Only)
  • Appearance : Transparent, colorless gel 
  • Certification : KGMP / ISO13485 / CE(2195) / MDSAP
  • Product registration : United Kingdom, Russia, Dominica Republic, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Republic of Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Costa Rica, Columbia and etc.

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