HYALDEW SHINE 2ml (New MDM Technology)



While HyalDew Shine is not unique in terms of what is does, it’s much better than the other mesotherapy / filler hybrids available on the market. Most skin rejuvenation products based on Hyaluronic acid have very low concentration of HA per ml (usually 10mg/ml). As opposed to them Shine boasts 20ml/ml Ha concentration, which ensures it’s effect is longer lasting and more powerful. The acid will dissolve longer in the body of the patient, meaning it’s beneficial effect on the skin will be prolonged significantly. The immediate skin health boost will take place in up to two months, as opposed to only a month when using alternative products.

HyalDew Shine – filler and meso

This allows the HyalDew to act as a dermal filler. While not as thich as a standard soft filler, it will actually still have in instant effect when it comes to the removal of the most fine and delicate skin lines and wrinkles.

This product is 100% safe. The Hyaluronic acid used is from non-animal origin and has been additionally purified and sterilized. Once injected, the HA gel will safely dissolves in the body over the course of a couple of months. As it does so, the hydration levels of the skin will improve, elasticity will be restored and surface wrinkles smoothed out.