Vita-D Inj. 300,000IU

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● Main Ingredients Cholecalciferol (EP) in 1mL —-7.5mg (300,000 IU) [Solvent: Refined Olive Oil (EP)]
● Efficacy Prevention and treatment of vitamin D deficiency in adults with high risk of vitamin D deficiency or malabsorption
● Dosage Use according to the doctor’s prescription but adjust the dose according to the level of 25-hydroxy vitamin D in the
blood. Adverse reactions increase with overdose, so do not administer more than necessary.
Adult : As cholecalciferol, 200,000 IU,   Adolescent : 300,000IU is injected intramuscularly
Elderly: As cholecalciferol, 100,000 IU is injected intramuscularly. The annual dose should not exceed 600,000 IU
● Packing unit (Volume) 1mL * 5 Ampoule / Box
● Storage condition Hermetic container, store at room temperature (1~30 ℃ ) in a Light-resistant